Question: Who Is The Best Honey In The World?

Top 10 Honeys in the World

  • Sourwood Honey. When it comes to Pure, Raw Honey, no honey is more classic than Sourwood Honey.
  • Leatherwood Honey.
  • Tupelo Honey.
  • Manuka Honey.
  • Acacia Honey.
  • Smokin’ Hot Honey.
  • Sage Honey.
  • Buckwheat Honey.

Which country has the best honey?

China. This is the world’s largest producer of honey, largest bee keeping country, largest exporter and also the highest in domestic consumption of honey. It is universally known that there is no country which produces quality pure and the most sweetest honey in the world than China.

What brands of honey are real?

Here are the top 7 honey brands that you need to taste immediately.

  1. Desert Creek Raw Texas Honey.
  2. Nature Nate’s 100% Pure Raw and Unfiltered Honey.
  3. Honest Raw Honey.
  4. YS Eco Bee Farms Raw Honey.
  5. Crockett Wildflower Honey.
  6. Raw Manuka Honey.
  7. Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Fair Trade Raw Honey.

Why is Sidr honey so expensive?

Yemeni honey has a reputation as one of the finest in the world. This is because of the land’s vegetation and fertile pasture for bees which results in many varieties of honey which taste incredible. Cave honey is particularly expensive but with good reason, and the story behind it is quite extraordinary.