Question: What Sells Best On Mercari?


  • Trendy Items and Brands. One of the oldest truths in business is: if you want sales…then sell things that people want.
  • Electronics. Current electronics are some of the best sellers on Mercari.
  • Large items.
  • Backpacks and Bags.
  • Cameras and Camera Gear.

What are the best selling items on Mercari?

Smart sellers on Mercari are listing these items right now:

  1. Women’s Handbags. Handbags are always top sellers on Mercari.
  2. Women’s Shoes.
  3. Women’s Athletic Apparel.
  4. Formal Wear for Kids.
  5. Men’s Accessories.
  6. Women’s Wallets.
  7. Women’s Jewelry.
  8. Computers & Laptops.

Is it worth it to sell on Mercari?

If you’re looking for lower fees and low maintenance listings, then it’s worth it to sell on Mercari. But if you need to flip items quickly I would not bother cross-listing on Mercari. Items don’t sell quickly on this platform. You should plan on at least a few weeks even for popular items.

How do you sell items faster on Mercari?

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What can you not sell on Mercari?

Mercari may not be used to sell any of the following products or services:

  • Anything illegal.
  • Drugs such as:
  • FDA restricted items such as food, homemade food, food supplements, vitamins, diet products, muscle enhancers, home remedies, homemade cosmetics, and products that offer “miracle” cures.
  • Stolen goods:

Is Mercari or Ebay better?

Mercari is easier overall. However, the reach is not as big, and people expect to find used items, so things that I want more of a collector price on, or are new and I want retail, I list on ebay too. Ebay buyers pay more for certain niches, less in others. Well, for one, eBay has a much bigger customer base.

Who pays shipping on Mercari?

This option is only available when the seller pays for shipping and for items that are not longer 45”. You may incur an additional handling fee up to $90 for any package over 45”. Tip: When you pay for shipping (whether it’s a prepaid label or you ship on your own), we mark your item with a Free Shipping icon.

How do I get paid on Mercari?

Get Paid

  1. The buyer has 3 days to confirm the item is as specified and provide a rating. If the buyer hasn’t submitted a rating after 2 days, we’ll send them a reminder.
  2. You then rate the buyer.
  3. Funds are added to your balance. You can use your balance to treat yourself to any of the millions of items on Mercari.

How do I sell on posh?

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Is poshmark or Mercari better?

Increased Shipping Costs: Mercari has raised its shipping prices recently. While it is cheaper than regular USPS shipping rates, it makes items over 1 pound more expensive than Poshmark. This means that you will need to either convince your buyer to pay more or swallow the higher costs.