Question: What Is The Difference Of GPP And Factory Unlocked?

What is GPP unlock?

GPP unlock is a Hardware SIM Unlock Tool like R-SIM, X-SIM, Gevey, TURBO SIM & Heicard.

GPP is a sim cloaking chip that is inserted into the sim tray of iPhone.

Is factory unlocked iPhone original?

A factory unlocked iPhone is a phone that is unlocked by the OEM or the Original Equipment Manufacturer, meaning to say, you got it straight from Apple and it doesn’t have any installed software that ties it to a certain carrier.

What does it mean when an iPhone is factory unlocked?

Factory Unlocked means that the phone isn’t attached to any cell phone service and can be used with any service that uses a SIM card. However – sometimes (in my experience especially in the US) you need to inform yourself wether or not the internet (3G, 4G, etc) will work with your carrier.

What does GPP mean?

Guaranteed Prize Pools