What Is Enterprise Toll?

Is Highway Toll Administration legitimate?

Highway Toll Administration, LLC Response This company is a scam.

The next month we received a bill from the Highway Toll Administration in New York for $60 — two $5 tolls plus a $50 “convenience fee.” The charges clearly stated that the convenience fee is a maximum $25 per day..

How do you pay tolls in USA?

Cash. You can still pay many tolls with good, old-fashioned cash. Some toll booths are staffed by cashiers who can make change for you, while others are automated and accept exact change only. For cashier-staffed booths, simply take the toll ticket when entering the toll road and hand it to the cashier at your exit.

How does enterprise toll pass work?

Using TollPass™ with an Enterprise Rental Car On roadways covered by our TollPass service, the program eliminates the need for travelers to carry change or wait in long cash payment lines at toll plazas, allowing Enterprise renters to drive through electronic toll lanes and pay tolls electronically.

How do I get an enterprise toll receipt?

Were you using a toll road while renting with Enterprise? Accessing your toll receipts is simple. Go to https://www.htallc.com/tollpass to access the Highway Toll Administration website.

Does Enterprise cars have EZ Pass?

Enterprise does not provide EZ-Pass as an option with their car rentals. … If you or any driver operate the rental vehicle in areas not served by TollPass and generate any unpaid toll(s) then you will be charged for all unpaid tolls and an administrative charge of up to $25.00 per rental.

What happens if you go through a toll road in a rental car?

Rental car companies sometimes charge drivers for both the tolls they incur while driving as well as a fee to use electronic toll collection systems such as E-ZPass. Renters who skip paying transponder fees up front and travel on a toll road may be dinged with even higher charges and added administrative fees.

Does enterprise charge extra for tolls?

There is no TollPass Convenience Charge on rental days that you don’t use a toll road. Actual toll charges* will be billed to your debit or credit card on file with your Rental Agreement once the toll data is received from the toll authority, within approximately 4-6 weeks.

What happens if you don’t pay enterprise?

If you owe money, even 20 bucks, if you don’t pay, you are blacklisted from it and all its subsidiaries. So Enterprise rental, alamo, and national would refuse to rent a car to you if you owed money. … If you don’t pay what you owe, you are too much of a risk to ever rent to again until you make good on your debt.

What is an enterprise toll charge?

In some locations, Enterprise works with local authorities to transfer liability for violations and tolls to the responsible car rental customer. When this occurs, customers pay for their violations or tolls directly to the local authorities.

Can you take tolls in a rental car?

The rental car agent may tell you that your route will take you on many toll roads, and opting for a transponder is the best way to seamlessly pay those tolls. In fact, you will be billed for the tolls and also charged a per-day fee for the transponder—and tax on top of all of it. There are less expensive options.

Can you use your EZ Pass on a rental car?

Do not add rental car information to your E-ZPass account. However, you can use your E-ZPass Tag in any vehicle of the same class. Please ensure that your E-ZPass Tag is properly mounted as per installation instructions in all vehicles in which the Tag is used.

How do I get a Hertz receipt?

Click here to Request a Receipt. Take advantage of Hertz’s Express Return service and simply drop off your car and go* Access your rental information no matter where you are. Rental agreements and return receipts are emailed to you if you choose to receive these documents electronically.