Quick Answer: Should I Buy Refurbished?


Should I buy refurbished from Best Buy?

Samsung and Apple guarantee their refurbished phones for a full year. At Best Buy and Amazon, the warranty is good for only 90 days. Many credit card companies will extend coverage on refurbished goods, too, as long as they come with a pre-existing warranty. But Apple confines you to just 14 days.

What should I not buy refurbished?

Three tech items you should never buy refurbished

  • Hard drives. The argument for buying anything refurbished goes like this: if it was returned because it had a problem, that problem has already been fixed — meaning you’re potentially better off with a refurbished unit than you are with a new one.
  • Printers.
  • Televisions.

Is it worth buying a refurbished TV?

When a shop uses the term refurbished, it usually means there was a problem with a product and it’s been repaired. Also, it’s definitely worth reading the small print to double-check what the warranty for the refurbished TV actually covers, just so you know where you stand before clicking to buy.

Is it worth buying refurbished laptops?

Buying a refurbished (or used) laptop can allow for some serious savings. While you’re likely not going to be able to find each and every laptop model available for purchase, this option is worth considering for those seeking a system for work, studying or general use.

What is best buy refurbished?

It means the item was returned for some reason from another customer. The Item was checked, repaired if necessary and is again for sale. It does not usually come in original box and often will not have a manual.

What’s the difference between refurbished and certified refurbished?

The term ‘refurbished’ refers to an item that’s been inspected and repaired. Items refurbished by a third party might have just been given a quick once-over before being put up for sale. Certified: Products that have been tested to ensure they’re in good working order, but not usually repaired.