Question: How Do I Report Counterfeit Goods?

Report Counterfeit or Pirated GoodsReport Counterfeit or Pirated Goods.

If you feel that you have been the victim of an intellectual property crime, you can report the crime by clicking on the button to the left, calling the IPR Center at 1-866-IPR-2060, or contacting a field office of the FBI.

Is it illegal to mail counterfeit items?

USPS cannot be used to return counterfeit products. Anyone else see the news tonight. It is illegal to use the USPS to return counterfeit products. It’s not legal to use usps to ship counterfeit products on either side of a sale, actually.

Can you sue someone for selling counterfeit goods?

People who use counterfeit trademarks to sell fakes can be penalized in two ways. First, the rightful owner can sue the person using her trademark falsely in order to obtain any ill-gotten profits. The Act makes it illegal for individuals to knowingly use a counterfeit trademark to sell goods or services.

How do I report fake goods UK?

Report the seller for fraud

You can report online at or call them on 0300 123 2040.

How do I report counterfeit goods on Amazon?

If you believe that a seller has violated Amazon’s product detail page rules, or ASIN creation policy you can report this:

  • Go to Contact us.
  • Select Report listing abuse and provide the ASIN(s) you are reporting along with all relevant information, so we can conduct an investigation.