Question: How Do I Export From EBay?

Upload items on eBay using csv file.

First, choose the correct specific category & then from Catalog listing template select CSV format.

It will download the excel file and will look like the screenshot below.

-Let’s talk about this step is light details.

How do I download my eBay data?

Individual Sales Record Data

Click “My eBay” on the top menu bar. Click “Sold” in the Selling section in the menu on the left. Click to select the listings for which you want sales records, and then click the “Download” button. Wait a few minutes for eBay to prepare the records for download.

How do I transfer eBay listings?

Move Listings in Bulk

Then, click “Bulk Actions” → “Listing Actions” → “Assign eBay account” to tell inkFrog that you’d like to associate the selected listings with a new eBay account. Select the listings to move, then use “Assign eBay account” to move them.

How do I upload a CSV file to eBay?

To summarize the process

  • Download and fill in a File Exchange CSV template.
  • Name your images in a structured format and upload to an online hosting.
  • Upload the CSV template to File Exchange to create the listings.
  • Apply a professional template to your listings.

What is a CSV invoice on eBay?

You can download a file containing the details for any invoice created within the last 18 months. You can save your invoice details as an HTML or a comma-separated values (CSV) file. Many applications (such as Microsoft Excel) can open CSV files, making this a useful format for saving invoice data.