Question: Does EBay Charge For Printing Shipping Labels?

You do not pay any fee for printing a postage label on eBay.

You do, however, pay a final value fee on the amount that the buyer is charged for postage.

Do not confuse this as a fee to print your postage since it is charged no matter if your print your postage on eBay or go to your local shipping carrier.

Do you need to print postage label eBay?

Printing your eBay postage label

You don’t need any special kind of printer to print postage labels – if it can print text that you can read, you’re good to go. With eBay Delivery, you only pay for the labels you use.

How do I print my shipping label for eBay?



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Can you print eBay shipping labels at post office?

Yes, you can print labels at the usps kiosk but that defeats the purpose of ebay labels, which are usally discounted and linked to your ebay accounts. If you print at usps kiosk, you will be paying for postage up front and will have to manually enter in to ebay. Look at printing from a local library computer.

Does eBay fee include shipping?

Yes, eBay is now charging fees on what is categorized by your bookkeeper as a business expense. Sellers subscribed to a Store: To reward free and low-cost shipping, Final value Fee rates will be reduced and applied to the total amount of sale—including shipping—starting July 6.