Quick Answer: Do EBay Sellers Have To Accept Returns?

All sellers on eBay, business and private, have to state a returns policy (private sellers can state that they don’t accept returns, but they’re still subject to eBay’s Money Back Guarantee).

Business sellers have to make customers aware of their right to cancel and give buyers a minimum of 14 days to request a return.

Can eBay sellers not accept returns?

Even if you specify “no returns accepted,” under the eBay Money Back Guarantee, the buyer can still return an item if it doesn’t match the listing description.

Can I refuse to give a refund on eBay?

Tell your buyer to return the watch and you’ll refund in full on return. If you refuse to refund and the buyer opens a case and you still refuse to refund, then ebay will just take the money out of your account and give it to the buyer who may not even be told to return the watch. Your decision, refund now or later.

What is eBay’s return policy?

eBay return policy options

30 days, paid by buyer. 30 day free returns. 60 days, paid by buyer.

What happens if eBay seller doesn t refund?

eBay Money Back Guarantee timelines

For items where the buyer has uploaded tracking, if the seller doesn’t issue a refund within 2 business days of the item’s delivery to the seller, we will automatically issue the buyer a full refund on the seller’s behalf. The seller will be required to reimburse us for such refunds.

Can eBay force me to accept a return?

Based on your returns policy, eBay may automatically accept the return and provide a return shipping label to the buyer on your behalf. If you can’t agree on a resolution after 3 business days, the buyer can ask us to step in and help.

Do private sellers on eBay have to accept returns?

Private sellers are not exempt from having to accept a return for anything that a buyer claims is ‘not as described’.

What happens if you decline a return request on eBay?

As long as your return policy is “no returns”, YOU CAN safely DENY the return. This is NOT a case. This is a simple return request, there are NO defects for this kind of return, the buyer CANNOT escalate the return to ebay for a decision. Once you decline the return, it closes automatically and it cannot be reopened.

Can Paypal force you to refund?

The answer is NO they can’t get the money back from you, if you don’t want to pay them back. The only option they have is to charge your Paypal account, and it will start showing negative balance. If you want to continue using this Paypal account then you will have to payback the negative amount.