Do Depop Refund Fees?

How can I have the Depop fee refunded?

If you refund your Buyer for a Depop transaction, we will refund the Depop fee, but you must let us know.

You can refund your buyer directly from your PayPal account (via a desktop and not the app).

How do I get a refund on Depop fees?

On the Summary page, find the transaction you wish to refund and click on it. If you don’t see the item that needs to be refunded, click ‘Activity’ On the Transaction details page, click ‘Issue a refund” Follow the steps to issue a refund to your buyer.

Can you get your money back from Depop?

All purchases made in-app are covered by Buyer Protection and you’ll receive a full refund if your item doesn’t arrive or if it’s significantly not as described.

How much does it cost to use Depop?

When you sell an item, Depop will automatically charge the 10% fee on the total transaction amount (including shipping costs). This charge will be taken directly from your PayPal account or the card you are using for payments before the remainder of the money you have made is paid to you.

How much are Depop and PayPal fees?

Re: Depop PayPal fee??

PayPal will also charge a fee for the payment you revive The standard fee is 3.4% +0.20.

How do I refund a buyer?

To issue a refund with PayPal:

On the My Account Overview page, find the item you want to refund and click Details. If you don’t see the item that needs a refund, click All Activity. On the Transaction Details page, click Refund Payment. Follow the directions to issue a refund to your buyer.

Does it cost to sell on Depop?

Listing an item for sale is always free.

If you sell an item, Depop will automatically charge you a 10% fee on the total transaction amount (including shipping costs). Other small charges apply, depending whether the transaction was a Classic or a Wallet one.

What happens if you sell fakes on Depop?

We love and respect the brands sold on Depop, so please don’t list counterfeit items, replicas and unauthorised copies. These items will be removed immediately from Depop. If you see counterfeits or unauthorised copies, please report the items or sellers in app from the share menu.

What to do when you get scammed on Depop?

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Is Depop safe to buy?

Martin Lane, managing editor of, says the majority of buying and selling apps such as Depop are safe, but only if used properly. “Depop has buyer and seller protection that covers all transactions made within the app. However, all purchases done outside of this are at your own risk.

Does Depop pay for shipping?

Listing an item with “Ship with Depop” is simple:

Next tap ‘Who pays?’ and choose either: Buyer pays for shipping – When a buyer purchases your item, the entire cost of the sale (including the label) is sent to your PayPal account. Then we take out the shipping cost and our usual 10% selling fee in one transaction.

How do you get noticed on Depop?

Be active!

The more shops you follow and the more items you like, the more attention you’ll get. If you need inspiration, check our Explore page and the list of suggested users when you tap on People. Add a Depop widget to your blog or website. See here how.

Where can I take old clothes for money?

In-Person Places You Can Sell Used Clothes for Cash

  • Craigslist.
  • Facebook Marketplace.
  • Plato’s Closet.
  • Buffalo Exchange.
  • Clothes Mentor.
  • Uptown Cheapskate.
  • Local Consignment Shops.
  • Have a Garage Sale.

Can you sell on Depop without PayPal?

All Depop purchases are powered by PayPal, which means you need to connect a PayPal account to Depop before you can sell items. Don’t forget that using anyone’s PayPal account or payment card without permission is illegal.

How do you sell successfully on Depop?

Setting up your shop is quick and easy.

  1. Simply download the app and sign up.
  2. Fill out your profile.
  3. Click the “sell” button.
  4. Upload a picture; either use the app to take a picture of an item or upload one from your photos.
  5. Fill in the details listed such as a description of the item and a price.

Do you have to pay tax on Depop?

There are currently no thanks for this post. As soon as you make to sell, or buy to sell you are a business and need to e registered as such. However, being a business doesn’t necessarily mean you will pay tax- you only pay tax if you make a profit after taking into account all your costs.

What happens if I dont refund a buyer on eBay?

If you don’t refund buyer for any reason they will automatically refund them from money you have in your PayPal acccount, if you don’t have sufficent funds in there they will withdraw it from your bank or credit card. A buyer can make any claim and you will have to accept return or refund them regardless.

Can I refuse to give a refund on eBay?

You can deny a refund, but if the buyer feels that the item is not as described or you offer returns in your policies, the buyer may open a case against you and Ebay will decide whether you will give a refund and take the money automatically out of your account.

Can I refund a buyer on eBay?

To do this, simply go to the case in your Returns dashboard – opens in new window or tab and choose Refund buyer. If you don’t refund the buyer within 2 business days of receiving the item, and the buyer has uploaded return tracking, we may automatically issue a refund to them on your behalf.

Why does Depop delete my items?

We may remove an item because it falls under our Prohibited and Restricted Items list or because it somehow infringes our rules. Most commonly, the item removed is: a counterfeit, replica or reworked item. used cosmetics.

Can you tell if someone has read your message on Depop?

If they have Contact Lock enabled, it will only send if you are on their contact list. If they have blocked you, it won’t send. If the message sent, then it’s in their inbox. Whether they read it or respond is up to them.

How can I sell my clothes?

Here are some of the best online consignment and secondhand stores for you to sell used clothes.

  • thredUp. I like thredUP because it does everything for you.
  • Tradesy.
  • Poshmark.
  • Snobswap.
  • VarageSale.
  • eBay.
  • Your Instagram account.
  • Take lots of high-quality photos.

Can you negotiate on Depop?

Depop is a free app available on Apple and Android where you can sell your old, pre-loved items, or simply swap them for something new! Depop works a bit like Instagram. If you find something you like, you can buy instantly or opt to message the seller to try and get a lower price.

Can a buyer leave feedback if they are blocked Depop?

The only time a buyer cannot leave feedback at all is if an Unpaid Item case is opened & closed against them OR (this is a new policy) if the buyer requests to cancel a purchase. Blocking a buyer after a transaction is active does nothing to stop them from completeing that transaction or leaving feedback.

What is a private listing on Depop?

Follow. The option to create a private listing is available to sellers who meet a certain sales threshold. Exchange offers the option to create a private listing for sellers who are interested in selling their business but want to keep information such as store name, social media accounts, or URLs private.