Question: Can I Trust EBay Top Rated Seller?

To become a Top Rated Seller on, eBay sellers must have: Been active for at least 90 days.

At least 100 or more transactions with a minimum of $1000 in sales (US buyers only) over the last 12 months.

What are the benefits of top rated seller on eBay?

Becoming a Top Rated Seller indicates that you consistently deliver outstanding customer service, and also makes you eligible to receive a prominent Top Rated Plus seal on qualifying listings. To become a Top Rated Seller, you’ll need to: Have an eBay account that’s been active for at least 90 days.

How do I know if an eBay seller is legit?


  • Look at the price. Is it too good to be true?
  • Check the seller’s feedback profile. That is the number by the star.
  • Ask a question.
  • Look around.
  • Look at the item.
  • Read the description of the item thoroughly.
  • Look at the type of image being displayed.
  • Look closely at the actual feedback.

How do I become a trusted seller on eBay?

To meet basic requirements, you must:

  1. be registered as a BUSINESS seller on or
  2. have 100 feedbacks, 98 percent or more positive (from global transactions)
  3. have been an active member for 90 days.
  4. have an account is in good financial standing.
  5. have no policy breaches in the preceding 90 days.

What is the top rated seller discount?

When you have met all the requirements for eBay top rated seller and top rated seller plus, you qualify for very helpful discounts. The discount for being a top rated eBay sellers is a 20% discount on your final value fees.