Can I Sue Someone For Not Giving Me A Refund?

Can you sue someone for not giving you a refund?

You should file your lawsuit if you believe that it is worth it.

You can seek payment for the return of your money and any expenses paid as a consequence of her failure to provide you the product or a refund.

Before suing in small claims court, you need to prove that you first asked for payment before suing.

Are refunds required by law?

Customer Returns and Refunds Under Federal Law

In addition to retailers being required to accept the return of defective items, federal law provides a “Cooling-Off Rule ” giving buyers three days to cancel purchases of $25 or more.

Can you sue for bad customer service?

You generally cannot sue for poor customer service or rudeness. However, you can issue a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in your community, and be sure you don’t reward that company by giving them more of your business

Is it illegal not to refund sales tax?

The short answer to the question of whether it’s illegal not to refund sales tax is yes. If you bought something and paid sales tax for it, then you should receive that same sales tax back if you return the item.